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What Am I Selling?

I am selling feelings and emotions, frozen in time. Have you ever thought to yourself: I want to savor this moment; I want it to last forever? Or perhaps you have promised yourself that you would remember a specific event or incident forever, and then years or even decades later, you realize that you have forgotten that moment. With so many distractions and responsibilities clamoring for your attention, forgetting important experiences becomes more and more likely. I intend to offer you a glimpse or reminder of that forgotten instance, that single perfect moment, a moment filled with strong emotion or an unnamed desire, the one none of us wants to let go of.

When I first started hiking, I would rush home to upload my pictures, so I could share them with friends and family who weren’t available to take the hikes or enjoy the absolute peace and serenity of Nature with me. Sharing these images with others unable to witness them on their own was the main reason that I began posting on Instagram. I would more or less fall in love with a flower, a leaf, an insect, or just the way that light fell upon a branch or blade of grass. And after reviewing the image at home, I was compelled to share them.

In addition to sharing my photos that I hope conjure up memories, ideas, and perhaps forgotten desires, I also want to share all that I am discovering. The more I hike, and the more pictures I take, the more it becomes apparent to me that photography is more about a way to see the world and a way to experience time than it is a method for documentation. When I am fully engaged in the process of taking a picture, time ceases to exist, the outside world ceases to exist, problems and worries cease to exist. Through these pictures, I want to share that experience with you as well.

I love scrolling back through my photos, reliving my adventures: remembering the day when all of the camellias at The Florida Botanical Gardens were at their absolute peak, or the time I discovered my very own “Secret Garden” in Hammock Park, which was filled with wild, undiscovered scarlet passionflower vines, or all of the times when I found myself snapping away, unaware of anything except the beauty of nature and the perfect absence of time. I believe that each of the images offered here are evocative of the beauty and mystery of life. Some may capture grace and ease, another may offer a jolt of energy and vitality, while others may exude the warmth of family.

My job is to expertly freeze and capture spectacular moments in time and share those moments with you, allowing all of us to experience the joy, power, and unique beauty of the natural world. Not everyone will agree that these photos live up to that very large claim, which is as it should be. There are moments when they do, and moments when I doubt, but I am so grateful for the gift of my camera lens and the gift of Nature’s beauty, which allow me to continually improve my ability to capture these windows into our hearts. I hope that while scrolling through my gallery you will be transported to a state of flow or perhaps a state of awe brought on by the perfection of Nature. I want to share with you all that I want for myself.

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